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When your cup is full, you feel more equipped at being able to manage the challenges of parenting

By targeting what you say and how you say it to your child's level of understanding and development, you can reduce cheeky back chatting, body-hurling tantrums and dramatic meltdowns.

Help your child be the best version of themselves!

Amazing Mums come in all different shapes and sizes. They are our friends, our family members, and sometimes they are strangers we meet on the street. You know the women I talk about! You've met one before...

They are the Mums who are trying to have endless patience, empathy and understanding for their child.

They are the Mums who by talking to their child bring out the best in them.

They are the Mums who, through their words, have a positive, powerful and profound impact on the littliest people around them.

But Amazing Mums are their harshest critics, they are the most sensitive of their kind, and yet every day they try their hardest to raise a confident, emotionally intelligent and resilient child.

See I told you that you've met her before. She's you!

Let's not aim to be perfect mum's... let's us aim to raise children who are confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent

Make every word you say to your child positive, powerful and profound

Written by a trained and qualified professional, How to Talk to Your Child is a communications course aimed to help you reconnect with your child by making every word you say to them count.

So what's it all about?

How to Talk to Your Child is a relationship building course that's divided into three levels to help Amazing Mummy's, like you, reconnect with their child through targeted communication.

Levels 1 and 2 are available right NOW and will help you kick your parenting goals right away.  Level 3 is coming soon and because it is going to be so awesome, I am fine tuning it to make it perfect for you!


Written by Lauren Jackman, a qualified professional who's experienced working with children and families. Check out her work on the Blog , on her personal page, Canberra Mummy, or on Huffington Post.

Essential Elements (level one)

Your first step to communicating effectively with your child starts here! Gain insights about your parenting style and ways of communication. Learn about where your child is at developmentally and how this impacts your communication with them. Apply just one of our four scripts available in this course and see a noticeable change in how you and your child interact.

Meaningful Messages (level two)

Stop banging your head against a parenting brick wall! Help your child recognise their emotions, organise them into meaningful experiences and express them well. Understand the hidden meanings behind your child's behaviour and learn how to respond effectively. Learn ways to reduce epic tantrums, cheeky back-chatting, sulking, toy-piffing, outbursts. And for the kids behaviour...  joking!

Complex Connections (level three)

This advanced level will have you responding easily to everyday dramas and complex issues with your child. Give your child the confidence and resilience to respond to any challenge they find themselves in. Learn how to teach your child self-protective behaviours at any age, and respond effectively to those tricky questions that will eventually come your way! A must for all parents of inquisitive children!