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Know exactly what to say every time, all the time

Reduce cheeky back chatting, body-hurling tantrums and dramatic meltdowns by targeting your conversations to your child's level of development.

Help your child be the best version of themselves!

Amazing Mums come in all different shapes and sizes. They are our friends, our family members, and sometimes the strangers we meet on the street. You know the women I talk about!

You've met one before...

They are the Mums who are trying to be patient, empathic and understanding to their child's challenging behaviours.

They are the Mums who want to their child to reach their fullest potential.

They are the Mums who hope to have a positive, powerful and profound impact on their babies.

But Amazing Mums are their harshest critics. They are the most sensitive of their kind, and yet every day they try their hardest to raise a confident, emotionally intelligent and resilient child.

See I told you that you've met her before.

She's you!

Let's not aim to be perfect at parenting.

Instead, let's aim to raise children who are confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent

Be a positive, powerful and profound parent

Written by a trained and qualified professional, How to Talk to Your Child is a course aimed to help you raise an emotionally intelligent child

So what's it all about?

How to Talk to Your Child is divided into three levels to help parents raise confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent children through targeted communication.

Level 1 is our foundational course that helps you match your communication style with your child's. It is the nuts and bolts of parenting!

Level 2 helps you find those hidden messages behind your child's behaviouor and enables you to organise their feelings into meaningful messages.

Level 3 brings everything you've learned together into a lovely little bundle to raise emotionally intelligent children. You will also learn how to teach your child self-protective behaviours so they can grow into confident and resilient adults.

Lauren Jackman is a qualified  professional who's experience working with children and their families to build better relationships. Check out her personal website here, her publications on the blog, or on Huffington Post.