how to

talk to your child

You know your child best of all!

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The perfect course for busy Mums

  • Make everyday a little easier

    Learn about your buttons, how your child interprets what you’re saying, and your own communication style.

  • Prevent and diffuse problem behaviour quickly

    Give your child the skills to recognise their emotions, organise how they feel and express them well.

  • Teach your child confidence and resilience

    Equip your child with the emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience to handle any situation

What will you achieve?:

  • Manage every day issues easier

    Get your child to get dressed, eat their dinner and clean their teeth with no fuss

  • Understand problem behaviour

    Learn about your child’s development and what they’re really saying with their behaviour

  • Become an expert at preventing and diffusing situations

    Recognise what factors will escalate your child and how to calm them down them without yelling

  • Be prepared for when complex sitations arise

    Know what to say during those challenging situations such as family illness, travel, death, divorce, natural disasters and more

  • Raise confident and resilient children

    A must for every parent!

  • Feel supported and more confident

    We are all Mums trying to do our best, let us support you!

  • Help your child express themselves better

    Teach your child to express their emotions more effectively

  • Understand about your parenting style

    Gain insights into your parenting values, and what this means for your communication

"What we learn from our parents in childhood lasts more than a lifetime...

it is what we will teach generations to come"

What will you receive from the course?:

  • Access to private membership area

    Your course is accessible only in a private members area

  • Downloadable Quick Guides

    Quick downloadable guides in every Module – perfect for a parent on the go!

  • Live Editable Workbook

    Answer questions and add notes on the go with a live editable PDF. No printing required!

  • Receive personal hints and tips

    Have a question about the course, contact us directly!

  • Access to up to date research

    This course references the latest and most relevant studies into parenting and child development.

  • Receive Mini Self-care course

    The perfect accompaniment to this course – a mini course on what self-care really looks like and how you can implement it now!

Follow your instincts and never underestimate them!

What are the three levels?:

Essential Elements (level one)

Whats your parenting style? Identify the pattern of your child's behaviour. When are they the most challenging? How does your child communicate, and does it match your parenting style?

Vegetarian Vegetarian

Oh Lauren, this is so beautiful! I could really do with giving myself more attention – it’s so easy to subconsciously put everything else first.”

Meaningful Messages (level two)

Understand the hidden messages in your child's behaviour. Equip them with emotional intelligence, and learn how to prevent and diffuse problem behaviours with scripts you can use right now!

Isabelle Isabelle

I could have written this myself, except I would have never been able to put the words so nicely... Thank you for writing this...  I think it touched many many many of us :)”

Complex Connections (level three) COMING SOON

Raise a confident and resilient child through teaching them self-protective behaviours and how to read the hidden messages their body is sending. Have a profound impact on your child during challenging life events such as illness and death, natural disasters and terrorist attacks, and divorce.

I know this course is for you...

Are you finding your child's behaviour challenging and you're not sure how to overcome it? Are you trying to find more time with the kids but you're so busy? Have you had a recent incident you're not sure how to handle?

Then How to Talk to Your Child is for you!

This course will help you find time with your child by making every word you say to them count!

It is NOT a parenting course that changes your parenting , instead it works with your parenting style to show you exactly how to mould your child's behaviour whilst giving them confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence.


This course is for every Mum who ever wondered to themselves, “How do I protect my child from the world?” Let me SHOW you how to raise a confident and resilient child just through how you talk to them.

Lauren How to Talk to Your Child

Oh, and ladies one more thing...

Let me make this absolutely clear - I believe that you are already an Amazing Mum!! FACT!!

Unlike some other parenting courses, this course won't try and change you or make you feel guilty.

Instead, what it will do is give you more confidence in your parenting skills, show you how to deliver your own parenting values, and teach you how to follow your instincts.

It is so important that our children are raised in supportive and compassionate environments so that they can reach their fullest potential as they grow into kind, resilient and well-adjusted adults.

This course will show you how to make every situation, no matter how challenging for you or your child, turn into a positive experience with positive outcomes.

If I haven't yet convinced you that this course is for you, then call me, email me, message me! Contact me and I'll show you how you and your family will benefit from joining x

"Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway"

All payments are processed securely on our SSL encrypted site. If you have any questions, please contact support here.

Who is Lauren?

Lauren is the creator and writer of How to Talk to Your Child. She holds postgraduate qualifications in psychology and counselling, and extensive experience and training as an intensive family support worker. In a former life, Lauren developed a communication skills curriculum for a University bachelor's degree. Lauren offers valuable knowledge, insights and light bulb moments for all members of the How to Talk to Your Child tribe.

What knowledge and skills Lauren hasn't gained from her education, training and experience, she has learned first hand from her two very busy children.

The author of personal blog, Canberra Mummy, Lauren motivates all Mums to make every moment with their child count and every conversation with their child positive, powerful and profound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the course outline before signing up? +

I'm so excited you asked! Of course you can see what you're buying before you buy it!!!!

Add your email address to the sign in box to the right of screen and I'll send you an outline of course right to your inbox!

How much time will it take up and can I do it at my own pace? +

The modules for the foundation course (Essential Elements) will be released over a 10 day period. This will be enough time for you to complete each module. But you will have lifetime access to the course so you don't HAVE to complete it in the first 10 days.

The intermediate and advanced course (Practical Parenting and Complex Cases) modules will be released on a Monday each week until the end of the course. But like the foundation course, you will have a lifetime access.

What age does my child have to be for me to benefit from this course? +

A good question that is all dependent on your child's stage of development and maturity. As a general rule, mothers of children who are on the cusp of becoming verbal right through to mothers of children who are prepubescent will get the most out of this course.

To clarify, I use the word 'verbal' and not a specific age because children develop their verbal communication at different rates - boys, for example, generally reach this milestone later than girls. However, children's comprehension of language is earlier than their verbal abilities, which is why I say 'on the cusp of' becoming verbal. If you are really wanting an age bracket, however, you will easily be able to apply the strategies in this course if your child is approximately 18months to 2 years old.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have said 'prepubescent' rather than an age limit. Once we get into the teenage years, it's a whoooole new ball game!! Again, it will depend on the development and maturity of your child, but if you have a child up to 11 years of age, you will still greatly benefit from this course.

If you're unsure of whether this course is for you or not, contact me and we'll work it out together.

If I love it, can I upgrade to the next level even after I've signed up? +

Absolutely! In fact, as the course scaffolds (the courses build on the previous one), you won't have to pay the full price again of the course you're upgrading to!

The total cost to upgrade from Essential Elements to Meaningful Messages is: $50

$47 (EE) + $50 = $97 (MM)

Payment plans are available - see below for available payment plans.

When can I start seeing the results of this course with my child? +

Immediately! I'm not joking. If you apply the strategies and processes I've outlined in the foundation course, particularly in regards to reflections of empathy, you will see a difference in how your child responds to what you say.

What payment plans are available? +

Great question!

For Essential Elements ($47), we accept upfront payments or $23.50 two months.

For Meaningful Messages ($97), we accept upfront payments or $25.00 three months, $22.00 for last month.

To clarify, the prices above are once off payments not annual fees. That means, once you've paid the $47 or $97, that's all you have to pay

What if it's not for me? +

Although I think my course is awesome and many, many Mums will get so much from it, I'm not under the illusion that this course will fit perfectly for everyone, although I really wish it could!

I will be sad to see you go, but if you've had a look at the course and felt the strategies, processes and techniques aren't for you or your family, that's okay, I will gladly offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. In this instance, however, I will have to remove your access to the private membership portal and the ongoing support groups to make it fair for other members who have paid. But, you will still get regular updates from me on social media and to your inbox if you wish.