10+ Alternatives to yelling

People yell for different reasons. Many people do it because they’re stressed, other’s because that’s how they were raised, some don’t know any other way, and many populations do it because it’s culturally acceptable.

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5 Ways to enjoy playing with children

I find playing with my child boring“.

Many parent’s find playing with their children boring that they quickly loose interest and end up surfing their phones or, God forbid, doing chores instead. There’s only so many times you can smash a truck against the track and dress up as a fairy and drink tea!!!

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How to calm a frustrated child

Does your child piff a toy across the room in frustration? Hit their baby sister for knocking down their blocks the umpteenth time? If so, it doesn’t mean your child is ‘naughty’, and it doesn’t mean they’re going to grow up with frustration or anger issues. Continue reading “How to calm a frustrated child”