The Mother in the Wardrobe

My first call as a telephone counsellor was from a Mum who had locked herself in her child's wardrobe.

"I can't do this anymore," she cried.

She was in a state of crisis not because her son had locked her in there, oh no... she had locked herself in there to get away from her children.

She was having a terrible day. You know exactly the day I'm talking about. Her children wouldn't listen to her. I could hear them screaming in the background, and she was shouting back at them. She was at the end of her tether.

"Go away. Leave me alone".

Maybe this Mum had PND. Maybe this Mum had other mental health concerns. I will never know. But I did know that this Mum was in a state of crisis and I felt powerless to help her. I didn't have the knowledge, the skills, or the experience to help this poor woman.

I vowed then and there that I would educate myself about the best ways to talk to children and Mums so I could, in turn, minimize the likelihood of others getting into this situation, and maybe one day, it would stop me from being the woman in the wardrobe too.

And so began my university education, specialised training in child development and complex family issues, and my continued experience working with children and their families.

Who is Lauren Jackman?

Affectionately known as Lozenger, Lozenator and Lozdog (yes, that's a true nickname), this frizzy haired Mum was raised in the small Australian state, Tasmania, until she and her husband moved to Canberra where they have become Can-bassadors.

Needing a creative outlet during her first maternity leave in 2013, Lauren launched her personal website, Canberra Mummy, where she threw herself into the crazy world of blogging, website design and Huffington Post authorship. Lauren writes for perfectionist mummies and empowers them to reframe negative parenting perceptions into positive learning experiences.

Feeling like there was more she could offer other Mums during her second bout of maternity leave, and having the opportunity to take extended leave from her public servant job, Lauren developed a relationship building course to help Mums reconnect with their child. The year was a struggle for Lauren in many personal ways, but at the end of 2016, How to Talk to Your Child, was ready. The course is based on psychological principles, and equips struggling Mums to make every word they say to their child be positive, powerful and profound.

Lauren is temporarily living in the developing country Sri Lanka, where she is supporting her 'wishes-he-was-a-pro-triathlete' husband, and their two young children.

On a personal note, Lauren is a proud recovering stutterer and continues her personal journey towards fluency.

Lauren will continue her battle against frizzy hair and will forever have to draw on her blonde eyebrows every day.

  • Lauren Jackman

    Mother, wife, writer, runner, perfectionist, and still can’t manage to defrizz her hair!

Our Mission

To equip and empower struggling Mums to reconnect with their child(ren) by (a) understanding their child's development and way of communicating, (b) reflecting upon their own parenting and communication style, and (c) gaining skills in communicating more effectively with their child every day and during complex situations.

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